Born in Rimini in 1968, he is an Italian Entrepreneur, Manager, Venture Capitalist, Co-founder and Managing Partner of United Ventures. Schooled in Humanities, with a degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna and a Master’s Degree in Venture Capital from Harvard Business School, he started his career as Business Development Manager and Managing Director in media and technology companies. He believed right from the beginning in the potential of search engines as a revolutionary tool connecting individuals to information. In 2000 he launched AltaVista in Italy as Country Manager.

In 2002 he was selected by Google to bring the US multinational to the Italian market. Thanks to his work, the search engine became the web tool most used by Italian users and one of the main beneficiaries in Italy of advertising & media revenue. Always being passionate about managing innovation in the company, the Italian Google team was awarded “Best place to work”.
After assuming the management of Google Spain and Portugal in September 2009 he left for an ambitious project: Annapurna Ventures:  a new generation seed fund that, in just a few years, has established itself as a key reference point for new technology companies.

“Economic development requires an incessant whirlwind
of creative destruction”

Joseph Schumpeter

In 2013 Annapurna Ventures joined with Jupiter Ventures, and United Ventures was born, a high-tech start-up investment fund financed by private individuals and institutional investors. As a member of the Ministry of Economic Development start-up Task Force, set up by Minister Corrado Passera, he contributed to the drafting of the Venture Capital Report which became law as part of the economic recovery program of the Monti Government.

He sits on the boards of Paperlit, Pharmawizard, Faceit, Mainstreaming and Cloud4Wi and is Chairman of the Venture Capital Committee of AIFI – (the Italian Association of Private Equity Venture Capital and Private Debt). He is a member of the evaluation committee of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and is a member of the Advisory Board of The European Ambrosetti House.

He is a Panellist, Mentor and keynote speaker with a deep understanding of digital and disruptive technologies, innovation, economics, and business management.

Born in Rimini in 1968, schooled in humanities with a degree in political science at the University of Bologna.

In 2002 he was chosen by Google to bring the US multinational to the Italian market. After a few years with the Italian Google team, they won the “Best place to work” award..

In September 2009 he left Google for an ambitious project: Annapurna Ventures, a new generation Incubator.

In 2013 Annapurna joined with Jupiter Ventures. A high-tech start-up investment fund, financed by private individuals and institutional investors, called United Ventures was born.